5 steps to zero sex problems this holiday

Sex problems have a way of rearing their ugly head at the worst times. So, whether you are going abroad with your family or planning a cushy trip for just you and your partner, you must take the necessary steps to guarantee that the trip runs smoothly. These tips ensure that your holiday is as hot and steamy as possible this season.

5 steps to zero sex problems this holiday

1. Sort out the sleeping arrangements

There’s nothing worse than turning up to your dream holiday location with your partner to discover that the walls are paper-thin and your bedroom is adjoining your kids’ or other family members’ room. Or realizing that after booking a large room for you both and your child, the baby bed is located at the end of your bed.

Both situations spell out the same conclusion – no sex for you! Make sure you investigate the sleeping condition before booking so that you don’t end up with this problem.

2. Pack the important stuff

There are a lot of sex necessities that you might want to pack to ensure that your holiday ends well. Depending on where you are traveling to, condoms may not be available to purchase easily; so make sure you pack plenty to make sure that you are not caught short towards the end of the holiday. Lube could also be useful in hot climates where you might need help with a bit of extra lubrication.

3. Switch off your life back home

Holidays are a time to relax and recharge from the pressures of day-to-day life. They are also a time to give complete attention to your relationship while spending quality time with the person you love. Therefore, make sure that you give your phone a rest and switch it off if you can. You can’t enjoy yourself thoroughly if you are regularly on Instagram or Facebook.

4. Don’t over plan your holiday

Although it’s nice to have a few activities planned during your trip; it’s also nice to have some free days and nights available so you can be spontaneous and go with the mood. If you are vacationing with family or a group, make sure that you have at least a couple of free nights for just the two of you to go out alone; or even better yet, stay in your room with some exotic food and a pleasure set!

5. Let the grudge go

Despite all steps to plan a perfect holiday, there will be times when temperatures rise and you swap some heated words with your partner. Spending continuous time with someone for a while cause petty altercations and conflicts, but make sure that these are quashed as soon as possible so that you can get back to having fun. If you feel like you need a short break from your partner, take a walk alone to stock up on supplies or suggest that they go for a massage so that you can have some time to yourself to get over it.

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