Our Solutions to Corporates

Our interactive, easy to use, personalized, web-based medical ecosystem ensures that your employees
get access to quality healthcare from wherever they are. No queues. No stress. No worries.

Electronic Medical Record

Support your staff’s health and wellness. Enable them to access discounted health and wellness offerings through the DiagnoStar EMR.

Patient Engagement

Reduce administrative burden and stay connected throughout the process of their visit with our fit-for-purpose technology.


Provide your employees with the option to speak to health and wellness providers from the comfort of their homes or any location.

Health Insurance

Protect your staff from exorbitant hospital bills. Our health insurance plans empowers them to visit any of our partner hospitals closest to them if the need arises.

Pre-employment Health Screening

Schedule candidates for health screening with the best labs and diagnostic centers in your region and get results in real time. Hire the best candidates without leaving your office

Wellness Benefits

Our health plans do not only give your employees unrestricted global access to quality healthcare, they also get to enjoy wellness benefits like mental health sessions, gym sessions, and more.

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How DiagnoStar EMR Transforms Your Healthcare Experience

Partnering with pharmacies and labs across Nigeria, we bring you discounts on essential healthcare services.
Access discounted health insurance plans from top HMO providers like HCI, Hygeia, and more.
Securely Store Your Medical Records and access your medical history whenever you need it.
Give your provider instant access to your accurate and up-to-date medical history for a quick consultation and an accurate diagnosis.
Consult with healthcare professionals not only in Nigeria but around the world, from the comfort of your home via chat, voice, or video call.