DiagnoStar, a digital telehealth solution has embarked on a monthly free health webinar initiative aimed at empowering Africans with information and health practices needed to live healthier, happy lives and make better choices for their health. 

Studies have shown very low levels of awareness and general illiteracy among Africans when it comes to issues relating to health and lifestyle practices. It is even made worse by the height of ignorance and misinformation about various health practices that have made significant circulation over the years and have come to be accepted by a great majority of consumers as facts. The outcome is what we have seen play out as untimely and preventable deaths, the prevalence of chronic diseases, birth defects, high mother and infant mortality rate, and much more.

To help breach the healthcare gap currently experienced between the greater African populace and their international counterparts through awareness, education, and the provision of quality health care solutions, DiagnoStar Health has been launched with a mission to change the healthcare narrative on the continent.



DiagnoStar is an integrated healthcare technology company that provides access to premium healthcare services to individuals and corporate bodies in Africa and beyond. Our vision to provide quality-driven healthcare services that are convenient is in sync with our mission to build a global community of dedicated providers who are passionate about service, the elimination of healthcare disparities, and are equally committed to medical research and innovation that transforms lives.

DiagnoStar Health aims to breach the divide in the healthcare gap currently faced in Africa by utilizing technology to provide Africans and people living in Africa with access to quality healthcare services and information regarding health and wellness. Some of the ways DiagnoStar is achieving her mandate is by providing online health resources like informative articles, newsletters, blog posts, free health-based webinars and more that will spur Africans to take charge of their health and make quality, informed medical decisions.



Diagnostar free webinars ties into the brand’s overall goal of utilizing digital technology to sensitize Africans with the right information that will improve their health status, enhance their quality of life, reduce premature deaths and ultimately reduce the cost (both financial and human) of medical treatments by individuals, families, communities, and organizations.

The webinars will help spread factual information about existing and emerging health challenges surrounding but not limited to men, children, and women’s health issues, mental health, best health and wellness practices, and much more.

With this initiative in place and several others in the works, Africans are on their way to gaining affordable access to quality healthcare services and information from the comfort of their homes which will, in turn, result in a decrease in death rates and the spread of diseases and infections.

The free webinars are live sessions held on Zoom in collaboration with certified regional and foreign specialists in different medical fields who are more than ready to not only educate you but answer most of your questions.

To attend any of our webinars, register for free on https://diagnostar.com/webinar/, and your webinar invite will be sent to your inbox. Simply download the Zoom app on your internet-ready device and click on the link in your webinar invite on the scheduled date to join in.

 Our maiden edition “Sickle Cell Disease – The Myths and the Facts” hosted in collaboration with Dr. Ugochi Ogu was launched on the 19th of June, 2021 with almost 50 people in attendance. On the 24th of July 2021, we will be hosting another free webinar “ Prostate Cancer – Early Detection and Screening” in collaboration with Onyekachi H Ogbonna, M. D., FACP – Hematologist and Medical Oncologist Oregon Health & Science University – Portland, Oregon – USA. It will be a delight to have you join in the conversation. To register, visit https://diagnostar.com/webinar/. There are only limited slots available so register now.

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