EMR Frequently Asked Questions

The term "EMR" stands for "electronic medical record." The Diagnostar EMR is a system that allows users to store, track, and analyze vital health information. It enables you to get accurate diagnoses and gives you access to global care, second medical opinions, and more.
The EMR system is simple and easy to use. Anyone with a digital device can use it.
The EMR costs only ₦500/month
You can access and use the EMR on any device - mobile, tab, laptop, or a computer
You are allocated 3 MB when you subscribe to the EMR service.
However, you can get up to 3 GB of free storage space if you subscribe to any of our Nova health plans.
If you exhaust your allotted free storage space, you will be required to purchase more space at a token price of ₦500 for 1GB/Month.
Our cloud-based EMR system is very secure. To safeguard you against data loss, your data is backed up daily. Your medical records are completely and securely accessible to you.
No, only you have access to your medical records, which you can download and share with whoever you want.
Only after you schedule a consultation with a doctor on the Diagnostar platform are those doctors given access to your medical history. And this is so that the doctor can review your medical history before your appointment in order to provide an accurate diagnosis and sound medical counsel.
No. We do not share your data with anyone. Only you can share your medical records with a third party.
Each user has the option to purchase a medical card or medical bracelet. The medical card or bracelet contains your unique QR code, vital medical information about your health condition, allergies, recurring medications, if any, and next of kin.

A doctor can access your medical records by scanning your unique QR code if you are unconscious and unable to provide them yourself. Your medical records will be sent to the doctor after they confirm that he or she is a medical professional and that you need urgent care..